Sam Twiston-Davies gunning to get going again as lockdown life continues and he's been splashing out

WE’VE been splashing out in more ways than one in the lockdown.

With all the warm weather lately my girlfriend Nicola Currie bought a paddling pool off Amazon, and that’s getting plenty of use now.

It’s funny how you fall into a different routine . . .

I’ve certainly done that over the last few weeks.

When I’m not cooking, cleaning, jogging or cooling off in the pool, you can find me riding out some nice two-year-olds for Jamie Osborne.

It’s been a great experience I’ve really enjoyed.

My life has been spent around the jumps and that means the kind of horses I usually ride have already had a career on the Flat and know the ropes.

At Jamie’s, it’s good seeing the young horses from the start and how they progress from that age. They have certainly been keeping me on my toes.

I’ve been down with Nicola, Jamie Bargary and Jonny Burke. It’s proper work and we’re following the protocol but it’s good to have a bit of banter.

And I’ve had my first morning back at Dr Newland’s, hopefully with an eye on being able to run some of them in July.

With the riding out and going for a few runs, I’ve not been worried about the weight, which is just as well given some of the rubbish I’ve been eating.

Unfortunately for us Dominos are doing deliveries, so that’s a pizza treat twice a week.

Then there are all the sweets, not to mention the jumbo packets of Monster Munch.

We’ve had a bit of fun with the cooking too, which hasn’t always been the smoothest, and where we buy the grub from depends on the queue.

Ideally it’s my local Tesco but, if it’s too busy, we head to Waitrose. It’s decent stuff  . . . but you don’t half pay for it.

And it’s funny how you spend years hoping to look 18, but then get annoyed when you’re not asked for any ID.

I bought a case of Budweiser the other day and the lady at the till just smiled at me — I was hoping she’d ask my age!

I may be older but I’m not sure if I’m any wiser.

Stay safe everyone and hopefully I’ll see you back on the racecourse soon.


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