Hello, Tom Brady Split His Pants Wide Open While Playing Golf

On Sunday, Tom Brady decided to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods (casual) and Peyton Manning, raising $20 million for coronavirus relief in the process. Amazing, but uh, unfortunately for everyone involved, Tom’s pants were so pumped about the experience that they split wide open in front of a bunch of cameras.

And yes, the moment was somewhat shadily tweeted by the folks at GOLF.com:

Pants under repair. pic.twitter.com/dURUn4WdNl

Tom ended up having a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing, though, because he went ahead and re-tweeted this pic along with a timely dad joke, musing “Pants wanted in on social distancing I guess…”

Pants wanted in on social distancing I guess… https://t.co/PJBPyFWowI

FYI, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are currently living in Florida amid Tom signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and they’re staying at Derek Jeter’s mansion, as ya do.

Gisele recently told Vogue that she feels this is a “very important time to go inward and reflect on what is most important,” and that she’s “been reflecting a lot on my life; on how I can be the best version of myself and share, with others, things that have helped me … taking time to meditate, working out, doing breath work when I feel more anxious, and spending quality time with my kids.”

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