First Dates Hotel fans confused over contestant who has not dated for 12 years

Fans of First Dates Hotel have been left slightly confused over a hopeful who works as a relationship guru – despite the fact she has not been in a relationship for 12 years.

Breeny, who appeared in tonight’s episode of the Channel 4 series, stated that she was an influencer, offering advice about dating and relationships in videos posted to her YouTube channel.

‘One of the dating tips that I give is to know what you want,’ she said. ‘I talk about men who are narcissists, and how to avoid them.’

However, viewers at home were left a bit baffled by this revelation, with some even questioning why she was on the show.

One tweeted: ‘Sorry, sorry. Is the girl who hasn’t been in love or in a relationship for 12 years an “online dating guru?”

‘I’ve been to the zoo so does that make me a vet?’

Another confused fan added: ‘Online relationship guru but can’t find love herself? Isn’t that like a fisherman catching no fish?’

‘Boys made me feel seen, wanted and desirable, but after they would leave, they would make me think I’m not worth it, I’m not worth anything.’

She added that she was dating to find a husband, rather than a boyfriend, and is a firm believer in no sex before marriage, after becoming a devoted Christian at the age of 16.

Unfortunately for Breeny, her date with Bavorary did not go as she would have hoped, as he admitted he did not feel a romantic spark with her.

First Dates Hotel continues next Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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