Woman cleans behind her cooker for first time in FIVE YEARS years and gets filthy area sparkling using 89p product

WE all know we should be cleaning our hobs after every use – but behind the actual cooker? Let's just say, that happens once in a blue moon.

Well it turns out we're not alone in putting off this tedious chore – as one woman has shown us what it looks like when you don't it for five YEARS.

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, the woman wrote: "I know I will be judged but I have not pulled my cooker out for a clean for over 5 years!

"I have a very strange shape kitchen and due to the built in dishwasher and it's knobs, I could not get there to pull it out."

After her dishwasher broke, the mum was finally able to get behind her oven and pull it out of the tight spot.

And if this doesn't inspire us to get cleaning, we don't know what will.

After seeing the amount of grease and rust that had accumulated down the sides, she added: "OMG! I felt ill. I have never seen anything so bad in my life."

Armed with a tub of Mrs Hinch's favourite Pink Stuff cleaning paste, she got rid of any loose food debris and and added a layer of the product over the tiles, floor and either side of the cupboards.

And the best part is, she didn't even need to furiously scrub the area to get rid of the grime.

She explained: "I put on the Pink Stuff paste (a whole tub) left it to dry and used a damp cloth to wipe it off.

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"This stuff is a miracle in a tub! No scrubbing or anything! just lifted the grease and muck straight off."

Her post has racked up over 700 "likes" and comments in the group – and now we're desperate to see how bad ours are too.

One user replied: "I need to pull mine out and clean too, no judgement here!!!! Looks fab."

Another added: "I try do mine every 6 months. And its always needs a clean…"

"Wow amazing," a third said. "I pulled mine out the other day after 6 months and that was bad enough!"

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