‘The Voice’ Top 5 Reveal Their Plans For New Music & More After Season 18 Finale

Ahead of the season 18 finale of ‘The Voice,’ we caught up with the top five artists EXCLUSIVELY for scoop on their plans for after the show and much more.

Going into the May 18 finale of The Voice, five artists are left vying to win the show: CammWess, Thunderstorm Artis, Micah Iverson, Todd Tilghman, and Toneisha Harris. They’ll each sing twice during the finale, and America will vote for their favorite, with the winner being revealed live on May 19. However, regardless of the outcome, the five finalists are all already looking forward to continuing their music careers when the show is over, and they plan to do so even amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“We want to keep the momentum we are gaining because of the show and we want to make sure we stay connected [with our fans],” Toneisha explained to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “We want them to know we love them and we thank them for their support, and we are going to still offer great music, even if it is from the comfort of our own homes for now.” Todd added that he plans on doing “live stream type” events to continue connecting with his loyal followers, while also continuing to build relationships with people who he met on the show.

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