Marcus Rashford and Andy Murray discuss the pressures of high-level sport and much more in revealing video chat – The Sun

SPORTING stars Marcus Rashford and Andy Murray tonight opened up to each other about life in the spotlight.

On the ATP Tour website and their own social media channels, the Manchester United striker and the two-time Wimbledon champion discussed pressure of playing at the top level, scoring penalties, VAR and women’s football.

Marcus Rashford: One question I’ve got for you is how your mentality differs to mine in terms of being in a team or an individual sport?

It’s always intrigued me and it’s an interesting conversation.

Andy Murray: One of the nice things about an individual sport is the outcome of the match is solely reliant on you. If you go out and have a great performance the chances are that you win.

Whereas in a team sport you might play badly and the rest of your team plays great and you still win. In a team sport you don’t want to let your fans or team-mates down.

It’s one of the things I’ve missed a little bit. I love the team competitions in tennis.

But sometimes tennis can feel a little bit lonely. You’re travelling and you might be playing in Australia and all your family are back home.

There are pros and cons to both but I love the fact that in tennis if you put in the work yourself you solely can influence the outcome of the match.

What’s tougher: taking the penalty to win the Champions League or serving to win the Wimbledon title?

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