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UFC fans have a third stacked card in a week to enjoy as we return to Jacksonville for another extravaganza.

After an epic return on UFC 249, the MMA world was treated to a midweek Fight Night where Anthony Smith was taught a lesson by veteran slugger Glover Teixeira.

  • Chito Vera shouts "f*** that" after controversial unanimous decision loss to Song Yadong
  • Krzysztof Jotko beats Eryk Anders by unanimous decision

Fight card

  • Alistair Overeem vs Walt Harris (heavyweight)
  • Claudia Gadelha vs Angela Hill (women's strawweight)
  • Dan Ige vs Edson Barboza (featherweight)
  • ROUND 1

    Barboza makes a perfect start, smashing a right hook into Ige's head and dropping him.

    The Brazilian jumped onto his rival and rained blows down on him before letting Ige escape.

    Ige cannot let the granite-footed Barboza land kicks on his legs but the South American has had plenty of success punching already.

    Ige has worked his way back into the contest and backed the favourite up.

    Ige is bleeding from under his right eye but he has stood his ground in the opener. Round ends…


    Edson Barboza makes his UFC featherweight debut where the Brazilian kick master is looking to make a splash.

    The Rio brute is a KO specialist but Haiwai hardman Dan '50k' Ige could be the man to upset his frand arrival.

    Can Barboza, with the height and reach advantages, bring his power down to feather?


    Jotko celebrates his win in style…


    Jotko gets a unanimous win.

    Jotko landed 54 significent strikes, Anders only 25 but he controlled the grappling

    The scorecards say: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 all to Jotko

  • ROUND 3

    Anders has been dogged and determined but Anders has walked him down.

    How will the judges decide to score this?

    Is Jotko the winner with the more tecnical boxing skills or is Anders the man with the bullish brutal strength who deserves the win on heart alone?

    The fight ends with a dull wrestle up against the cage wall. The judges must decide this…

  • ROUND 3

    Team Jotko warn their man he will come under attack and he must stay away from the cage, using his jab.

    Anders' corner tell their man to use his jab to work his way inside and connect with a big left.

    Jotko throws a lazy spinning backfist and gets driven into the fence again, exactly where his corner told him not to go.

    Jotko has defended takedowns well but has he dominated the fight enough?

    Anders has appeared to be aggressor most often.

  • ROUND 2

    Jotko tries a slicing elbow on the spin but Anders defends well.

    Anders hurls a big left hand but doesn't wobble his opponent.

    Jotko wriggles his way out of a clinch but is targeted again.

    Anders teeters on the edge of a takdown but cannot complete the move.

    The round ends…

  • ROUND 2

    Exciting end to the opening session that will tough for the judges to score.

    Anders' corner tell their man he is working well up against the fence.

    Team Jotko tell their man to calm down and work on making Anders miss.

    The action resumes with Anders shooting for another takedown but Jotko lands a one-two.

  • ROUND 1

    Jotko has scored points on the backfoot but Anders has tried to single-leg takedown and dragged his man down briefly.

    Both men are back on their feet and trading with Jotko now pinned to the octagon wall.

    Jotko does not want another grappling match and he started the round boxing well.

    But Anders is the man setting the early pace before they scramble and ref Herb Dean is almost bundled over.

  • ROUND 1

    Battle of the spelling tests as Krzysztof Kotko faces Eryk Anders.

    Herb Dean in the man in the middle.

    Jotko is the slight favourite to win the clash of the southpaws.

    Anders is a team-mate of heavyweight headliner Walt Harris.


    Jorge Masvidal, the Baddest Motherf***** belt holder, was not impressed with that scoring…


    All three judges said 29-28 to Song Yadong and Marlon Vera is fuming!

    Defeated Vera would not even shake hands with the man who it was decided had beaten him.

    Song said: “I was prepared for three rounds because my opponent was a really good fighter.”

  • ROUND 3

    Song scores with a left hook and an uppercut shortly after.

    But Vera has a solid chin and does not wobble.

    Vera fires back a range of shots and the duelling pair finally tangle up on the fence.

    On the floor, Vera takes the lead but Song leaps back to his feet, only to be out-wrestled again.

    Song might have lost that fight in the last coule of seconds after being taken down. Did it cost him the crucial final round?

  • ROUND 3

    Song's team tell him he has to win the last round to win the fight.

    Team Cera say their man is winning the fight on the clinch and tell him to aimn for the close exchanges.

    Vera ran across the cage and tried to kick Song into next week, then he took Song down to the floor.

    Vera has his man pinned up against the cage wall but they emerge to their feet to box again.

  • ROUND 2

    Bright start to the second from Song who aims punches at Vera's body and head.

    The Chinese striker has been scoring with one-twos and jabs.

    Vera is on the front foot and marching forward but his work is not as crisp.

    Big elbow trade-off with a minute remaining and Vera landed a thudding bodypunch on Song before the bell ended the second.

  • ROUND 2

    Vera's corner tell their man to be more busy and back Song up.

    Team Vera tells their man to score first in the clinch.

    Song's team tells him to target a takedown and focus on his fight fundamentals.

    The action returns…

  • ROUND 1

    Vera starts targeting Song's legs, with the Chinese striker aiming punches at his opponent's face.

    Song attempts to box early on, while Vera hacks away at Song's vulerable legs.

    Vera gets tagged with 90 seconds remaining but Vera looks comfortable working in the clinch.

    The opener was hard round for the judges to score but Song seemed to land the better shots in the final seconds.


    Song Yadong vs Marlon Vera prepare to dance in the featherweight division.

    Both battlers have moved up from bantamweight and Vera is on a healthy five-fight win streak.

    Yadong was handed draw last time out after losing a crucial point over an illegal knee.

    These guys will throw bombs…


    Does anyone want boxing legend Mike Tyson to make a comeback aged 53?


    UFC heavyweight Walt Harris has been through serious tragedy…


    Kevin Holland got the win and explained the importance of the victory…


    Michael Bisping has some moves…


    Remember these names…


    Miguel Baeza is targeting a UFC world title and he knows he has to do it the hard way.

    The Saturday night winner said: “At first Matt Brown was like the boogeyman, I'm stepping in there with a big name.

    “But that's the way to do it. If you're gonna go for a title.

    “You've got to take it from the best fighters in the world and that's exactly what I'm trying to do.”


    Caramel Thunder just scored another KO win…

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