Katy Perry Responds to Rumors of Collab with Taylor Swift

Katy Perry is reacting to the rumors that she and Taylor Swift are collaborating on a song for her upcoming album.

Fans have been reading into every little thing that the two stars post on social media, trying to figure out if they’re hinting at new music.

“No, it’s not correct,” Katy said during an interview on Hits Radio Breakfast. “But the fans are definitely excited for something like that to happen in the future, and I’m always open.”

The radio hosts flat out asked Katy if Taylor will be on the new album.

“No! Not as yet,” she said. “I mean, the fans are so fun, they do search far and wide for Easter eggs. And we do put them in our visuals and in lyric videos and music videos and content that we created. Not everything is an Easter egg. Some things are just flowers.”

Katy just released the new music video for her song “Daisies” and she strips down to her birthday suit!

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