BT Sport app crashes as Bundesliga return sees desperate football fans tune in for first live action in three months – The Sun

SOME fans were left unable to watch the first top-tier football matches in months after experiencing issues with the BT Sport app.

Bundesliga's return on Saturday featured a convincing win for Borussia Dortmund over rivals Schalke 04 as all six matches were broadcast live.

However the British network with the rights to German football was inundated with requests for help as the action kicked off.

While there were viewers who watched comfortably via the BT Sport app without a hitch, others were less lucky.

Complaints consisted of not being able to log in despite purchasing a monthly pass.

The error message 'ID006' plagued those unable to access their account and some took to social media to complain about not receiving their confirmation email.

With football returning in Germany ahead of LaLiga, Serie A and the Premier League, BT offered fans a £25 monthly pass ahead of showing every Bundesliga game live.

Yet some found out after purchasing the package that it only works for the online app, rather than through their Sky TV box.

And when the app floundered, Twitter users were quick to call upon BT to help.

One wrote: "I’ve signed up for the BT sport monthly pass, can log into my account but can’t access app on any of my devices. Can you help so I can watch the footy?"

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