Cops searching for missing teens Priscilla Bienkowski and Sophia Hernandez after they vanished while tubing – The Sun

COPS are desperately searching for missing teens Priscilla Bienkowski and Sophia Hernandez, who vanished while tubing in a lake last week.

The girls' families are praying they are found safe, as police continued the search on Mother's Day to find the teens.

“Please help us pray, we need her back,” Maria Hernandez, Sophia's mother said at a vigil for the missing girls on Saturday, KSL reported.

Bienkowski, 18, and Hernandez, 17, were seen by witnesses on "Duck Tubes" in Utah Lake on Wednesday, but have not been seen since, Utah police said.

Cops are now desperately searching to find the girls.

Officials with the Utah County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue, Utah's Department of Natural Resources and Department of Public Services, and Utah Lake are all working to hunt for the duo.

Pictures show crews using helicopters, jet skis, and boats as they look for the missing teens.

Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer from Utah County Sheriff's office said that before going to the lake, the two girls bought two pool-toy like items, KSL reported.

The items were not flotation devices that could be used for safety, Cannon said.

Cannon said around 8 p.m. Wednesday evening, a man fishing on the shore of the lake heard one of the girl's phone ring, and discovered it was one of the teens' mothers looking for them.

The man said he had not seen the teens.

He said, however, that their belongings were still on the shore, prompting the mom to call the police, KSL reported.

Cops found the two girls' floatation devices on the banks, around three miles apart from one another, Cannon said.

Their car was also found nearby.

It's feared the girls were caught in a storm that swept through the area on Wednesday while they were on the lake.

Utah County police said that boats with "side scan sonar and wave runners" could be searching the water for the girls through the weekend.

Cops asked boaters to steer clear of the area so they could conduct their search on Friday, Cannon said.

On Sunday, cops were continuing their search.

Cannon said in a statement that over the last 4 days, officials have searched an area that spans around three miles by two miles.

"Water search will transition to primarily an air search for the next several days," Cannon said.

Yesterday, the girls' families and friends gathered to hold a vigil for the missing teens.

People gathered on the banks of the lake as they held a prayer service for the two girls.

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