A Daily Mail reader donated £100,000 to buy PPE for the NHS

One reader gives £100,000 as your Mail Force donations are set to top £2million as part of PPE drive

  • An anonymous Daily Mail reader has donated £100,000 to go to buying PPE 
  • This brings Mail Force’s total donations to £1.7mllion expected to top £2million 
  • The campaign is backed by leading figures like the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla 

One Daily Mail reader has donated an astonishing £100,000 to a new fund to buy protective kit for NHS and care staff.

Moved by the challenges facing our health workers, the anonymous reader decided to make the generous pledge yesterday.

It means that you have now donated at least £1.7million to Mail Force – a separate charity which is leading a campaign to make sure there is enough personal protective equipment (PPE) on the front line. That astonishing total is expected to surge past the £2million mark because there are another 4,000 of your letters which are yet to be opened.

Pictured: a Daily Mail reporter reads a letter from a reader. An anonymous reader donated £100,000 to the charity set up to buy PPE for the NHS


Mail Force Charity has been launched with one aim to help support NHS staff, volunteers and care workers fight back against Covid-1 in the UK.

Mail Force is a separate charity established and supported by the Daily Mail and General Trust. 

The money raised will fund essential equipment required by the NHS and care workers. 

This equipment is vital in protecting the heroic staff whilst they perform their fantastic work in helping the UK overcome this pandemic.

If we raise more money than is needed for vital Covid-1 equipment, we will apply all funds to support the work of the NHS in other ways.

Click the button below to make a donation:

If the button is not visible, click here 

More volunteers have been drafted in to keep up with the staggering number of cheques you have sent.

So far an incredible 37,000 of you have donated to the charity, which was set up by the Mail and its partners almost two weeks ago. The Mail Force Charity has so far opened 17,000 envelopes, containing donations which amount to almost £900,000.

More than 16,000 of you have pledged £685,000 using the online fundraising page, bringing the overall total from readers to at least £1.7million, including the £100,000 anonymously donated yesterday.

The astonishing donations from readers, combined with philanthropists and corporate partners, has helped the fund grow to £6.4million in total. Many of the cheques came with heartfelt letters expressing gratitude to the key workers.

Ann Davey, from Plymouth, Devon, wrote: ‘I am so thrilled you have taken on supplying PPE to our hospitals that I immediately wanted to contribute. Thank you for this initiative.’

Many of you wrote to say you had donated money you had saved because your usual activities have been curtailed during lockdown. Joan Harris, from Wigan in Greater Manchester, wrote: ‘Both my husband and I are pensioners and we often treat ourselves to tea and cakes at our local cafe.

‘Because we can’t do this, we are donating the money we have saved to this wonderful charity.’

The donation pushes readers’ donations to a total of £1.7million and is expected to take the total past £2million once each letter has been opened

The campaign has been backed by leading figures in British industry, as well as a host of household names. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and two former prime ministers – Sir John Major and Gordon Brown – have offered their support to the charity drive, along with Sir Cliff Richard and Sir Michael Caine.

Thanks to the generous public support for Mail Force, plans are under way for the charity to bring further airlifts of PPE to Britain.

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