Mexican senator's pregnant daughter hires helicopter to reveal gender

Mexican senator apologizes after his pregnant daughter defied his coronavirus warnings to host a massive gender reveal party with a helicopter

  • Baja California state senator Gerardo Novelo Osuna apologizes after his daughter Ivanna Novelo Mueller held a gender reveal party Tuesday
  • Novelo Müeller, a mother of two, and her husband hired a helicopter to fly over the short of a beachfront hotel in the city of Ensenada before family and friends
  • An attendee recorded the moment  the helicopter unleashed a pink powdery substance signaling the arrival of Novelo Müeller’s third daughter
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A Mexican senator apologized for his pregnant daughter’s careless decision of hosting a massive gender reveal party on Cinco de Mayo at a beachfront hotel in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic.

Gerardo Novelo Osuna shamed his Ivanna Novelo Müller and her husband for inviting friends and family members to the Estero Beach and Hotel Resort in Ensenada, Baja California, Tuesday, to find out the sex of what everyone learn would be her third daughter.

Individually, I can only offer an apology to the citizens, because although my daughter and her partner are old enough to make their own decisions, this time they made the wrong decision,’ Novelo Osuna said Wednesday.

‘It seems to me that a celebration of that magnitude should not have taken place at this time.’

Ivanna Novelo Müller was criticized by her father, Baja California, Mexico, senator Gerardo Novelo Osuna, after she and her husband (both pictured center) hosted a gender reveal party at a beachfront resort on Tuesday. The couple learned they will be having a daughter, their third

A helicopter was hired by a Mexican senator’s pregnant daughter to reveal the gender of her daughter before friends and family at beach resort gathering Tuesday in Ensenada, Baja California

An attendee uploaded a video to his Instagram stories that showed Novelo Müller and her husband standing in front of four huge white letters that towered over them and spelled baby.

The expecting parents, who learned of their upcoming baby in October 2019 and shared it with friends on Facebook in April,  hired a helicopter that flew several feet above the Pacific Coast beach shore.

The aircraft unleashed a pink powdery substance to confirm the baby’s sex before they shared a warm hug. 

Baja California state senator Gerardo Novelo Osuna apologized for his daughter after a video of her gender reveal party was posted online. The politician said his daughter should not have exposed herself and the rest of the invitees by planning a mass gathering at the beachfront property in the city of Ensenada

Ivanna Novelo Müller learned Tuesday she is expecting to give birth to a third daughter

A helicopter releases a pink powdery substance to confirm the sex of an expecting mother, the pregnant daughter of a Mexican senator from the state of Baja California

Novelo Osuna, who said he was not present, shamed his daughter for completely ignoring the social distancing measures promoted by health and government officials, himself included.

‘Although I share the joy and pride of the people who attended this celebration, it seems to me an unfortunate moment and the wrong circumstances. Well, in the face of health crises, you should always act prudently, and in this case it was not,’ he added.

As of Thursday, Mexico had reported the deaths of 2,704 people and registered 27,634 infected patients due to the coronavirus.

Baja California state health officials announced Tuesday that they are expecting COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths to spike in the next two weeks.

Mexico’s health ministry reported 326 deaths and 2,097 confirmed cases in Baja California.  

Ivanna Novelo Müller hugs her husband as they learn she is pregnant with a girl

Ivanna Novelo Müller

A helicopter flies over the shore of a beach at a resort in Baja California, Mexico, before it released pink powder to confirm the sex of a baby carried by the daughter of a Mexican senator

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