Dr Hilary Jones explains how to safely celebrate VE Day during pandemic

Dr Hilary Jones has explained how to safely celebrate this year’s Victory in Europe (VE) Day on Friday amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The resident Good Morning Britain doctor, who’s been sharing his health tips during the Covid-19 crisis, told Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard that it is okay to mark the occasion by taking special precautions.

‘It’s definitely possible to celebrate VE Day with a street party, but we still need to have that very, very, strict social distancing,’ Dr Hilary began.

‘We need to be two metres apart at the bare minimum. By all means, talking to other people, remembering what it’s all about.

‘But also remembering we are in the middle of a pandemic with a virus that is hugely transmissible, so I think we should celebrate VE Day but we should do it very carefully.’

He added: ‘I think people are grown up enough and knowledgeable enough and fearful enough of this virus to do that.’

VE Day falls on 8 May as that date marked the end of World War Two in Europe, meaning that this year is the 75th anniversary of the important date.

On 30 April 1945, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler killed himself. Soon after, his successor Karl Donitz authorised Germany’s surrender, and 50,000 people descended upon Piccadilly Circus to wave flags, dance and sing in the street.

The day was declared a national holiday from then onwards.

On Wednesday’s programme, Dr Hilary explained that it is okay to order takeaways during the coronavirus pandemic and shared his tips for doing so safely.

The doctor pointed out that picking up your favourite foods is relatively risk-free, given precautionary measures are taken.

‘Provided you can pick up a takeaway without coming into close contact with anyone else and provided you can still socially [distance], picking up food is perfectly ok,’ Dr Hilary began.

‘People have to eat and restaurants need to be kept going.’ He continued: ‘So provided there are no queues, take your food home, take it out of the package, throw the packaging away, wash your hands, heat the food up again to over 60 degrees and that should be pretty risk-free.’

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